Business Litigation

We know that when a business dispute arises, our client’s financial livelihood can be on the line. Our firm does not merely look at the numbers, we listen to our clients and understand the stress and emotional turmoil that can plague a business dispute. 

Our firm has diverse expertise in business and commercial litigation. We have pursued Defendants who refused to honor their agreements and pay up. And we have represented Defendants who are the target of a lawsuit simply because they are financially successful and competitive in their market. Whether it’s a dispute over construction projects, complex financial fraud cases, or interpretation of or enforcement of business contracts, we bring a dynamic, focused approach to maximize success—inside and outside of the courtroom. 


Our areas of practice include the following:


  • Commercial real estate disputes

  • Real Property disputes

  • Corporate governance disputes

  • Construction projects and contract or subcontract interpretation and enforcement

  •  Business & Corporate Fraud Claims

  • Defamation and torturous interference with business relationships

  • Collections against Defendants for services rendered

  • Oil and Gas Lease interpretation and enforcement

  • Private Nuisance

  • Employment disputes

  • Home Owners Association ("HOA") disputes

  • Master Service Agreement disputes

  • Oil and Gas Operating Agreement Disputes

  • Company Agreement or Corporate bylaws disputes

  • Contract disputes

  • Consumer deception claims (DTPA Claims)

  • Residential and Commercial leases

  • Judgment collections and satisfaction

  • State Court, Federal Court, and American Arbitration Association disputes

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