Losing a loved one is hard enough. But losing a loved one and dealing with a greedy relative or fraudulent family member (executor) is terrible.  Our firm has the tools and expertise to pursue your claims in a contested estate case.


Much of estate litigation deals with accounting. Beneficiaries can be taken advantage of when the trustee or executor refuses to provide an accounting or be transparent about how they are handling your assets. It’s our job to track down the assets, and demand reimbursement if needed.


Another problem with estates is how to deal real property (land). Sometimes a relative will refuse to vacate property or insist that they have an interest in the property when they do not. Oil and Gas issues can be involved too. Many times, a beneficiary or heir will not even realize that they own an interest in oil and gas properties. We can advocate for your interests by informing you of your rights and pursuing them in Court if needed. Have questions? Call our attorneys at (325) 232-8218  to schedule a consultation!