5 Things to Do Before the First Divorce Hearing

1. Gather the following documents:

  • Tax and income documents

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Bank account info, insurance policy information, 

  • investments and retirement information

  • Credit Card & Debt Info

2. Open a new credit card or use one that is paid off and in your name solely

3. Open a new Bank Account

  • Link it to your Savings Account if possible

  • Only YOU are listed as the owner

4. If you have a business - Business Records

  • The original incorporation documents with the state of Texas (Certificate of Formation usually)

  • Bylaws or Operating Agreement, if applicable

  • Bank Account and income information

  • Information regarding all financial obligations

5. Tell the Kids (see How to)

  • You’ll need to tell the kids prior to the hearing. See the How-To Tell the Children included within this month's blog Series on Divorce.


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