Divorce Myths Uncovered

Myth #1: You’ll be divorced in no time!

Reality: It will take twice as long as you think. Divorce is not a quick process. In fact, the quickest you can possibly get a divorce in the state of Texas is 60 days. This is not a process that needs to be rushed. Any modification order (child custody or child support) that is issued will be made based on changes in circumstances from the date of divorce. The order needs to be in the best shape possible. 

Myth #2: You can get through this as friends with your ex and will agree on everything.

Reality: S/He will temporarily hate you. Unfortunately, the legal process and evidence burden for divorce is so high that both parties end up trying to throw each other under the bus over who is a better parent. Especially if both parents are trying to win primary custody of the children - this isn’t a time when you’ll be friends. 

Myth #3: His parents are my child’s grandparents - our relationship won’t change. 

Reality: Her/his family will hate you too. This is because s/he has told his or her family all of those not-so-great stories about your fights and possibly some lies and exaggerations thrown in there. Don’t worry - things will always shake out later. If the grandparents want to stay in their child’s lives in a substantial way they’ll come around. 

Myth #4: Once I get an attorney everything will get better

Reality: It will get worse before it gets better and you will feel awful. This is normal and happens in every divorce. This is just the unfortunate reality of divorce; it is literally splitting your life in two. This is normally a very confusing and hard time for everyone - know you’re not alone in feeling this. 

Myth #5: It never gets better!

Reality: It gets better. It really does, especially when you get your divorce decree back signed by the Judge.